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Golf Mk2 20vt project

Nick_mk2 Jun 11, 2013

  1. Nick_mk2

    Nick_mk2 Member

    At 2008 i made the engine swap and from then till now when i have free time i make something for my Golf!
    Specs till now are!
    AGU stock engine
    Golf mk2 rallye front mount IC
    Custom turbo intake with air filter
    Bosch 440cc green top fuel injectors
    K04-023 stock
    OEM manifold
    Full 70mm exhaust de-cat
    Vf34 wastegate(better than forge-more stiffer)
    2nd fuel external pump bosch 044!
    Forge 006 bov!
    02A gearbox with short shifter and OBX LSD differential
    G60 flywheel with vr6 clutch kit
    HR 3cm lower springs with Fk shocks
    S3 8L front brake calipers and disks 312x25
    All the front system from G60 axle etc...
    Recaro seats at interior,Raid steering wheel and Golf 3 jubi knob!

    Next step are camshafts from 1.8 20v atmosphere car,coilover kit and some upgrade to turbo(may K04-064 or hyvrid k04-023 with custom exhaust manifold)

    A video 2 years before!Sorry for the bad quality of the video!In this video i don;t have the LSD differential
    golf mk2 20vt - YouTube
  2. Nick_mk2

    Nick_mk2 Member

    Does anyone have used xs custom manifold for K04-023??

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