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Going to view a 2007 S3 tomorrow - any tips on what to look out for?

ubiquitous Mar 9, 2013

  1. ubiquitous

    ubiquitous New Member

    As the title suggests - I am going to view a S3 tomorrow. I was pointed to this forum by a friend who said the guys on here are very clued up with all things Audi!

    I have seen a couple of tips around these forums for the 8P(2) S3 but I was hoping for some information that may be a bit clearer - the best way would be to describe the information as you would to a layperson. What would I look for in the drivers cabin and engine bay that would indicate a problem? On the test drive, what problems can I test here and what sounds should I listen for?


    2007 / 55,000 miles on the clock / absolutely standard / sadly no MFSW or RNSe.

    Seller is asking for £13,250 - assuming the condition of the car is good - is the price reasonable for the year/mileage or should I be looking to pay much lower?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    You need to look at the service history,and ensure all of it has been done correctly,bills if possible as well.
    Look to see if anything in the engine bay isn't standard,even though you say it's standard,it doesn't hurt to be sure.
    Other than that,smoke when the engine is warm can indicate worn turbo oil seals,misfires are usually down to tired plugs or coilpacks,and the car is generally solid and reliable.
  3. MacrosTheBlack

    MacrosTheBlack Member

    Hi mate.

    Cracking cars and I'm sure you'll love the performance, comfort and classy interior the S3 offers.

    Don't worry too much about things like MFSW, RNSE etc as these things can be retrofitted if you really want them and later RNSE is better anyway.

    Things I'd say to check are the usual signs of any body damage, tap panels and check all nice and straight under the bonnet too.

    Test drive wise, get it up to motorway speeds definitely, in sixth gear give it some gas up to 70 or so and check it pulls smoothly and there's no clutch slip issue (that tends to show up on hard acceleration). Noises to look out for in my experience, any whining from the gear box so try it through all the gears and also listen out for any noise from the diff/haldex so have the radio off and listen out for any whining noises coming from the rear centre underneath of the car.

    Price wise just do some comparsions and also check it's been fully serviced and had it's haldex oil change at 40k.

    Good luck!

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