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Going to see a 2000 W reg a4 1.8t quattro sport

Beerzo Dec 29, 2006

  1. Beerzo

    Beerzo Masa'warty 3200... Talk To Me!

    As above can anyone let me know what i should be looking for in one of these other than the 2wd version?

    Its approaching the timingbelt change so i know to chin for that, but just a wee check to see if there is anything quattro related that i should look at?
  2. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Well the Quattro system is solid so nothing to worry about there just check control arms and make sure the gear change is smooth.

    Check for damages front and rear and any doggie paint work as these will be signs of accident damage.
  3. audii

    audii Member

    some thing els you shuold consider is the exaust if its origanal then it will be one piece from the cat back if it needs changing most motor factors will only be abli to get the front and middle but cant get the back i had this problem but did not want to cut and shut so i tried pricing a replace ment from audi

    they wanted £400 but a stainless from miltech only costs 525 so when the time comes i'll be going stainless it will last for ever not like the origanal

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