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Going to buy a mk1 225 TT would like some advice on things i can do to it??

Craigybaby37_A3quattro Jul 27, 2008

  1. Hi people i currently own a a3 1.8T mapped to 225 bhp at the engine and fancy a change of car so ime going to get myself a mk1 225 tt and would like to know of some mods i can do to it just to make it a little different from all the ones i see on the road everyday.

    What kind of remaps have any of you got and what kind of power have u achieved and what does it feel like to drive compared to standard??

    An then what small mods can i do to the interior and exterior to make it look that little bit different from all the rest??

    ive read somewhere about people puttin a V6 rear diffuser on is this mush of a big mod to do and does it does a lot to buy the diffuser??

    any help would be much appreciated.
  2. anTTony

    anTTony New Member

    I have a digitec remap..roughly 265bhp. much more smoother to drive, accelerates better in 6th gear etc. there are lots of maps available! Good things are being said about vagcheck maps at the mo.

    exterior mods are obviously personal taste, but i like subtle on the already good looking tt. I like and have clear front indicators inside the headlights as the orange ones are nasty, 18" rs4 alloys, 3 bar painted black grille of the QS and painted v6 diffuser, also off the QS. Next job is lowering and spacers to get the right stance to the car.

    I havent done much to interior, just colour coded mats, new cd/mp3 player matched to the already excellent bose amps/speakers, harmon kardon ipod kit etc.

    The rear diffuser (either v6 black plastic or qs painted black) are around £25 from the dealer. remove to studs and 2 torx scres and unclip old from bumper. then refit new one. extremely easy and about a 15 min job.

  3. T3RBO

    T3RBO 6th Gear

    Also a good idea to change the OE plastic dv for a decent metal one when having a remap done - the Forge 007P is the most popular and with a simple induction box mod you can hear it a lot better

    RODENT New Member

  5. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member VCDS Map User

  6. cyberface

    cyberface New Member


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