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go stopped working, then started again. Why?

hooley Mar 27, 2009

  1. hooley

    hooley Member


    On a run down to Kent my car started to misfire/jerk at 70 going past Hemel
    I thought it was an alergic reaction to hemel, but whilst queing for the M25 noticed turbo not spinning. On pulling away the car worked but only as a 1.8 QS, not a 1.8 TQS.

    I carried regardless and after getting to Kent stopped and turned the engine off. Upon restarting it definately wasn't working so checked the hoses, all seemed fine. Left the car for a few hours and upon restarting the turbo was working again, but kicking in higher up the rev range.

    Drove 100 miles home and stuck it on the VAGCOM and got a 'negative boost pressure' warning. Cleared it and everything is back to normal.

    Any ideas?
    Also can the car select to run without the turbo? Wastegate stuck open?



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