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GNJ Motorsport, new unit review

Nathan_jones2002 Mar 11, 2013

  1. Nathan_jones2002

    Nathan_jones2002 V8 - only sound a man needs

    Right guys... A long read but it's the story of how I came to meet Graeme at GNJ and a review of his helpfulness and work.

    Graeme has now opened his unit, GNJ Motorsport in Great Harwood near Blackburn/Accrington in the North West.

    I am writing this review as I am a big believer in credit where ceding is due...

    I have used a few tuners in the past from different car scenes from owning my fiesta ST, corsa VXR and now the audi S3. None have been as good as Graeme.

    First of all, even before I was a customer at GNJ, Graeme was willing to help me out and advise me when my Corsa VxR was tuned using the regal IPF unit. I found out that my car was running lean when I had it on the rollers.

    Graeme told me info which he had spoken to Mikko (Shark Performance) about.
    Graeme did not have to do this at all, I was not a customer of his and I didn't show any intention of being. Graeme just helped me out for nothing. Please also note, I had not spoken to Graeme before this, he PM'd me.

    So after my conversation with Graeme, I ended up going to MPG as they were the closest tuner to me at the time. I had the fuel pump and pressure regulator fitted. Cost a lot and I'm not 100% sure I needed both items but hey ho.

    So a few months past and it was time for me to upgrade to a new car. I posted my shortlist on the VXR group facebook page asking for opinions, the two most likely being either a focus RS or audi S3. Graeme Messaged me and gave me his opinion, I trusted Graeme's opinion as he is able to tune and supply modifications to both of the cars. He had owned an S3 in the past and gave me a lot of advice on them and the RS's.

    I was sold, Audi S3 it was...

    Just to make things clear, again, no money had ever changed hands between myself and Graeme throughout all of this.

    So, on my hunt for an S3, Graeme was again spot on and advised me what to look for spec wise and what to look out for in general.

    Getting excited, I Messaged Graeme on many occasions through Facebook asking about modifying the S3s and what could be done. Replies were instant, informative and always on a level anybody could understand without any sales bull poop...
    If i said I didn't want something, that was it and an alternative choice was given.

    So, it was finally time to actually buy something from Graeme and GNj Motorsport...

    Graeme had installed 100% confidence within me and I decided on a non resonated Milltek with sport cats, front eibach lowering springs and RaceMax spaces. The prices that were given were very good and because I ordered a few things and were having them fitted at GNJ, I even got a bit of a discount. :D

    These all including fitting when his unit opened... Since ordering, I was kept informed on how the unit was coming along and what needed to be done until it was ready for me to go down there.

    The day arrived for me to finally meet Graeme and Joe at GNJ Motorsport to get my new bits fitted.

    The unit itself is clean, tidy and looking really good to say it had only been open a week.

    Graeme welcomed myself and Michelle (my fiancé) into the workshop for a quick look round and we were both offered a brew. Graeme was very professional, yet down to earth. We talked a bit about the shop and cars etc... This is where we were then welcomed by Joe (technician) who was again friendly and down to earth.

    I never once felt uncomfortable or in the way whilst at GNJ but I promised the Mrs a day of shopping so I left my pride and joy with them. As said earlier, I didn't feel uncomfortable leaving my car and was 100% confident that she would be looked after.

    Whilst shopping, I was given numerous updates on the progress of the work on my car and told when to expect the work to be finished.

    Now the exciting part, picking the car up... Just as I pulled up in the mrs's Suzuki swift, Graeme reversed my car out of the unit... I heard the Milltek for the first time... :D :D :D

    Another quick natter with Graeme and Joe about how immaculate my car was (always a good way to make a customer happy) and I was handed the keys along with the reassurance of "if there is any problems at all, just let us know and we'll sort them" from Graeme...

    The car drives awesome, sounds awesome and handles a lot better... I will be going back to Graeme for a lot more work and GNJ will be the only people who do anything with my car.

    So if you need any servicing, tuning, modifying, general mechanical work do not hesitate to contact GNJ Motorsport as you will not be disappointed by any aspect of their work.

    Email : info@gnjmotorsport.com

    Or just go and see them t their unit...

    Gaskell Court,
    Alan Ramsbottom Way,
    Great Harwood,

    A few pics of Joe working on my car at GNJ Motorsport...






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