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Discussion in 'General Automotive Chat' started by leach76, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    [Mar 13, 2011]
    As the above we went there yesterday at knaresbrough with my mate and some of the lads from the mitsi evo owners club,the day itself was good some beautiful cars and placed at a nice unit,the day started out with usual how to wash your car apart from the jet-wash didnt work so we went inside for the normal run through of claying,polishing etc and then outside to the correct washing demonstration when emergency jet-wash arrived,all demonstrations which were done by Paul from PW Pro and another man called Darren(both seemed top blokes) but i didnt get to find out where he worked.Gmund cars specialise in porsches and other nice cars which they buy sort out clean up then sell on.
    Gmund Cars - Porsche Specialist in Harrogate - Home
    PW Pro - Swissvax car detailing, window tinting and vinyl wrapping in Mansfield, Nottingham UK
    The only thing i wasnt impressed with is at the megs day there was a run through of what there products did and what was used for what but with this one there was nothing so even if people did want to buy there products they would still not have known what to use for what as in they werent even promoting to sell anything which seemed odd.
    Also on the same estate which we found interesting was Tmsport owned and run by Ben & Steve which were making an exhaust for the 307 touring car they had on the ramp (the car is on some of the pics)which is for sale if anyone fancies some track action,they are about to have a rolling road installed anytime soon plus various other things in the pipe line,but what i found interesting is they can make exhuasts up from scratch including manifolds,build engines,do normal work including mot work such as servicing,welding etc but they are both from a motorsport back ground.Yes this is a free plug for them and i will put a link to there website but they look like handy people to know about so here is a link to there site:
    Home - TMSport
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