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Glovebox Cubby

hdscarbro Feb 25, 2010

  1. hdscarbro

    hdscarbro New Member

    I'm looking for the glovebox cubby that is removed when a CD changer or iPod adapter is installed in a 2008 A3. Anyone know of a source or if there's a part number for this part? Called my dealer and was told I had to purchase an entire glove box.

    I'm looking for the cubby to replace the hole left by the removal of the factory iPod adapter. I just installed a Dension iPod adapter.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. A3Bash

    A3Bash Member

    I think your dealers right, I tried to get a CD changer fitted into my A3 but because the cubby was different I was also told I'd have to buy the inside of the glovebox. Scrappers is your cheapest bet.

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