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WX51TXR May 1, 2009

  1. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    Yet another 3am finish taking product images and a busy morning updating the website, but finally we have received our pallet from Gloss It, along with some new products and kit options...

    New Gloss It Products


    Gloss It EVP Pad Prime (say goodbye to sticky paint problems!)

    Gloss It EVP Pad Prime is a special high-grade lubricating oil that extends machine polishing times, enabling the Gloss It paint correction polishes to fully breakdown to produce micromarring and hologram free finishes, even on the softest of paints. The use of Gloss It EVP Pad Prime helps to extend pad life and reduce the rate of product consumption, thus saving you money in the long run. Gloss It EVP Pad Prime works exceptionally well in hot and humid conditions, where it prevents paint correction polishes from flashing off too quickly. It is also useful in cold and damp conditions, where it prevents polishes like Menzerna RD3.02 from clumping up and becoming unusable. Gloss It EVP Pad Prime is user friendly and compatible with most paint water-based paint correction polishes. Note that this product is designed to be used sparingly for best results; only 1-2 mists of the product should be applied to the pad per section of paint being polished.



    Gloss It Signature Wheel Gel (oh my goodness, how good is this product!)

    Gloss It Signature Wheel Gel contains cutting-edge cleaning agents that quickly and safely break down and loosen tough deposits of brake dust and road grime. Unlike many of the aggressive wheel cleaners available on the market today, this advanced formula is neither acidic nor alkaline - it is pH neutral. This means that Gloss It Signature Wheel Gel can be used to quickly and safely clean tyres and all types of wheels, including billet aluminium, chrome plated, polished, anodised, painted and clearcoated rims. Gloss It Signature Wheel Gel can be used repeatedly without any danger of causing etching or flaking, making it ideal for incorporating into your regular wash routine. While the thick consistency of this product allows it to cling to surfaces and effectively loosen both brake dust and grime, it also rinses freely and easily to leave tyres and rims streak and spot free. Note that this product is not a spray-on/hose-off cleaner. It is designed to be sprayed on, allowed to dwell and then agitated with a soft-tipped wheel brush or a microfibre wash mitt before being rinsed off. For normal cleaning, a dilution ratio of 4:1 (water:product) is often sufficient, but this can be reduced to 2:1 or even 1:1 for tackling really stubborn brake dust deposits.



    New Gloss It Kits


    Gloss It Signature Finish Kit (everything you need for a perfect finish, with money off!)

    This luxury paint protection kit includes everything you need to achieve the Gloss It Signature finish on your car, and delivers outstanding results on all colours and paint finishes. Gloss It Gloss Activator is a reactive catalyst that actively bonds protective polymers together during the curing process to create a barrier of invisible armour with greatly enhanced durability. This unique reactive catalyst is fortified with UV-SORB sun protection, and contains no solvents or petroleum distillates of any kind. Gloss It Gloss Activator should be applied thinly and then left in place prior to applying Gloss It Gloss Finish. The use of this catalyst extends the durability of a single coat of Gloss It Gloss Finish by several months, making it ideal for enthusiasts with little time on their hands for regular topping up of their protection.

    Gloss It Gloss Finish utilises a nano-synthetic advanced polymer (NSAP) fortified with UV-SORB sun protection, and produces a highly durable finish with a level of liquidity very close to that given by a high quality carnauba wax. The unique formulation is safe for all painted surfaces and can be layered many times without any fear of causing yellowing, hazing or discoloration. Gloss It Gloss Finish wipes on and off very easily, offers a high level of UV protection and water repellency, and typically gives around three months of protection following a single application (although this can be extended by several months if the initial application is catalysed using Gloss It Gloss Activator).

    Every now and again a new detailing product comes along that genuinely moves things on and opens up new possibilities. In our opinion, Gloss It Concorso Gloss is one such product. Whilst the exact content of this product remains secret, we are told that it contains a unique water-based polymer that has been single-mindedly developed to enhance the aesthetic beauty of paint without any of the compromises usually required in order to give a high level of durability. Designed for show cars and garage queens, this product only offers four to six weeks of protection per application, but has impressed us greatly in terms of the finish it produces. When applied by hand or machine over perfectly polished paint and a basecoat of Gloss It Gloss Finish, it delivers an incredibly rich, silky looking shine that is noticeably more vibrant than that produced by any of the other last step products we offer. If you are looking for a very special product to pamper your paint with on a regular basis, Gloss It Concorso Gloss is the product for you.



    Gloss It Evolution Starter Kit (a full taste of Gloss It, for you, or as a gift?)

    Gloss It is a relatively new brand in the world of car care and detailing, but it is rapidly making waves and attracting significant international interest for good reason - every single product in the range performs above average, and there are some genuinely innovative products that offer new possibilities in terms of paint correction and sublime finishes. In order to whet your appetite, we are proud to be able to offer the full range of Gloss It products in the form of the Gloss It Evolution Starter Kit. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one, or simply want to get a feel for what Gloss It has to offer, this kit offers terrific value for money and will not fail to impress - prepare to believe the hype!



    New Gloss It Multipack Savings


    Anyone for some money off?! Check out these multipack savings...

    3 Pack - Gloss It Signature Wheel Gel for £44.71 (15% saving)

    3 Pack - Gloss It Gloss Enhancer for £44.71 (15% saving)

    Gloss It Polish Triple Pack Small for £44.85 (10% saving) (scroll down on link to view)

    Gloss It Polish Triple Pack Large for £78.18 (10% saving) (scroll down on link to view)

    3 Pack - Gloss It Signature Tyre Gloss for £49.74 (15% saving)

    Happy days, enjoy the bank holiday weekend!


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