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GIAC software for the TT-S

jamiekip Sep 3, 2008

  1. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    I've been pulling together a Rolling Road day at Regal and a few of the guys of another forum are coming along in their TT-S motors!

    Anyway, Regal have confirmed that GIAC now have software for the TT-S on the server available for download:
    "SOFTWARE for the TT-S 272 BHP 115Q ecu is on the server. I pushed GIAC on this last night."

    "The Ecu is very similar layout and format as the S3 263 bhp map. So we have the 310 bhp as a standard up grade & the 330bhp map for the more sporty customer. DSG has speed limiter removed, however standard rpm to take care of the DSG gearbox."

    So, looks like you'll be getting smiilar power gains to all of the S3 boys, and you all know what we think of the GIAC maps. Obviously you guys are lighter so more power to weight! Happy days!

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