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GIAC S4 Remaps £900 - Anyone used it rather than REVO

evil_scooby Feb 4, 2012

  1. evil_scooby

    evil_scooby Member

    I have been reading the American forums about the GIAC remaps for the B8 S4 and they seem to get some good reviews after the APR remaps.
    I see there are companies in the UK doing them locally now and the remaps seem a good bit cheaper than the REVO or APR ones and was wondering if anyone has one in the UK and what their views are?

    Remap and hand controller and labour for £900 sounds pretty good for unto 90bhp increase

    So far I have only seen a couple of people mention the REVO remaps
  2. Scuffers

    Scuffers New Member

    90hp from just a re-map seems somewhat optimistic...(your going to need a pulley change as well to get anything like that)
  3. evil_scooby

    evil_scooby Member

    Aparently not on the new s4 engine! I have read lots about them as thats what I thought as well. Most of the companies don't have a pulley upgrade yet either.
    90bhp though does sound pretty high though but there are lots of rolling road results for remap, exhaust and air intake getting 100+ bhp so I'm thinking 75bhp+ from a remap would be nice. Im just hoping to get over the 400bhp and anything extra will be good.

    I think Revo quoted 75bhp from just the remap on normal unleaded and more with SU and race etc

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