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Getting used to it!

Peloton Sep 17, 2006

  1. Peloton

    Peloton Member

    Hi all!
    I'd just like to say that after a few months of ownership, I'm really getting used to things like the AWD & turbo, and am absolutely LOVING IT! :yahoo: Having never had a car with either of these before, they really are so different to drive! Things I've read on here like 'staying on boost' have had me revising my driving style completely & after a while I'm beginning to master gear changes (albeit with the odd crunch along the way :keule: ).
    I can't imagine how much better things will get when more mods have been added to further refine the handling & improve the performance. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for posting their experiences as I'm soaking it all up & using them to steer me in the right direction with future upgrades.

    Sorry for the seemingly meaningless post but I felt my appretiation had to be said.

    Cheers again! :beerchug:
  2. Randomjim

    Randomjim Active Member

    Gotta go for an S3 next everyone that has one seems love it. And i want a either a turbo, rwd or awd for a bit of fun. Glad your enjoying your car, am a little jealous though he he

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