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Getting ready for more power from the s3 advice welcome

Avantsline Jun 29, 2013

  1. Avantsline

    Avantsline Member

    Afternoon all :)

    So I have taken the plunge today and ordered a forge twintake and a milltek tbe resonated with sport cat.

    I was going to go for blueflame but couldn't find one listed for sport back, I enquired with a couple of companies with no response so thought sod it not much difference in the price and guaranteed to fit.

    Now after some reading it has become apparent that stage 2 is not really worth it and best to go for stage 2+.

    So I am going to have to fight the urges to fit the new goodies and wait to acquire a loba hpfp and a loba stage 2 clutch/flywheel kit.

    This is good for power but not for stopping so its a choice of Vwr brakes or alcons.

    I have also been reading good things about the L0400 turbo upgrade I like this because its bolt on with only a modification between turbo and cai required.

    But this is bordering the limits if stock internals so new rods, pistons and head bolts needed to play safe.

    Then it's a question of which tuner, Mrc are close so are Owen developments but need to speak to them about wether they can build the car and supply maps or if they are more product orientated.

    So a quest for more ponies has resulted in a fair few months more of saving and a big shopping list.

    I have realised its going to be cheaper in the long run to do all this in one go rather than bit by bit and knowing myself I won't be able to stop at stage 2+ and will always want more!

    total bill if I add mounts to that and suspension is around 9k excluding fitting, software and bits I've probably missed, some of the fitting I can do like exhaust, cai, hpfp, brakes so will be clutch, engine build, turbo etc where the costs will be.

    Alot of money yes but add the cost of the car to that which makes 28k then fitting/map cost around 30k.

    In my eyes good value for a monster!

    So firstly am I insane?? Secondly I would appreciate any advice on parts I have missed, products I should reconsider etc?

    Don't get me wrong this isn't a question of c **k swinging, I just want to unlock the full potential of this car and I think it's the right one to do it with and If I am going to do it, which is still uncertain, like S3 Alex has done I want to do it well whatever the cost and have all the right information and planning first!

    Thoughts appreciated :)
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  2. Mikemc

    Mikemc Scooby Slayer VCDS Map User

    why not just buy an RS3? some serious money there!
  3. Avantsline

    Avantsline Member

    Been debating that myself, but I'm not a big lover of Dsg. Good bits of kit but I've always preferred to drive manuals.

    Would be better to start with a 2.5 engine base though.

    Around 35k for an rs3 or 30k for an s3 as quick!
  4. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Stronic is sublime, I think you'd like it, but still cheaper to do S3 bits, plus the fun of it :)

    9K is allot of money mate tbh, think about it carefully, do a bit at a time IMHO.
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  5. nluk100

    nluk100 Well-Known Member

    MRC have experience with Loba 400 and offer custom maps, so can reduce the torque spike to protect your rods.

    Wouldn't bother with twintake - mixed opinions out there and all that extra plumbing can be a boost leak nightmare - stock IC is good for all but very hot days / race cars.

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