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Getting my replacement car next week

Sarah28 Jul 4, 2012

  1. Sarah28

    Sarah28 Member

    I will be picking my new car up next week, I couldnt get the same as the one that was stolen which was A3 s/line b/edition 140 in Ibis white so my new one is the 170 Quattro..Im sure I will love it but ive never owned a quattro before....whats everyone's thoughts on it...im sure its a great car but is there anything I should know?? x
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2012
  2. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Audi S4 quattro Audi Avant Owner Group

    I owned one of these and it was excellent the whole time I had it with the only issue being one key deciding to ditch it's programming and stop working but was fixed straight away by Audi.

    I test drove the 140 and found there is definitely better pull in the 170 as well as being able to launch itself out of corners with a much greater ferocity if you're so inclined. :) Much better in the wet and in the really bad snow of 2010 I never got stuck a single time despite choosing some snowy inclines to test quattro hill starts on! ;)

    I think that the only downside was the mpg which isn't as good as the 140 for sure, I was averaging about 35-38mpg but did almost entirely town driving. That said, I did a 62mph convoy from Silverstone to Aberdeen and averaged 61.4mpg so it can get good mileage! :)

    I think you'll enjoy it and if it's an 8V then it seems like everything will be a bit better than the 8P2 I had. :thumbsup:
  3. Sarah28

    Sarah28 Member

    Oooh brilliant, you’ve made my day…I cant wait for the snow haha, we get loads where live and up top of a hill…I expected the MPG not to be as good but I mainly do motorway miles so I might not see a massive difference..its probably not a car I would have gone for (not saying I don’t like it) I love it but never thought I'd afford one.. but as there were no other black editions in white I had to get it…. But might be one of those cases where I never look back, I hope!!!

    Im no good with knowing what 8V or 8P2 :-( should I know this haha x

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