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Getting back into S3 ownership after 3 years.

Jimcaws Feb 13, 2014

  1. Jimcaws

    Jimcaws New Member

    Hello chaps,

    well in 2011 i sold my T reg S3 to pursue my dream of owning a MK1 Focus RS, If im honest i loved every second of ownership ! however i have started my own business and unfortunately as i only used the RS as a second car i couldn't bear to have it sat there looking sorry for itself so i sold up :(

    Now iv'e thought long and hard over what to buy, and have always kinda said to myself not to buy the same car twice but prior to RS ownership it was the second best car i have owned being comfy, quick and a nice place to be.
    My dilemma is budget, the whole idea of selling the RS was to release as much fundage into the business as possible so for obvious reasons i only have around 3k to play with.
    I currently also own a fiesta zetec S which was my daily but will now become my track toy so technically i do have another car to bomb about in during the summer, all of the S3's i have been looking at for that price are high millage ( well what i assume to be high anyway ) What sort of mileage is everyone on ?

    My previous one had around 115k on the clock and although it had been maintained well as soon as i started to fettle with it, the clutch started to go and a few other bits so i really want to try and avoid the same. I have seen a couple local to me with circa 150K on the clock that look immaculate and very well maintained that will leave me with change from my budget im just not sure on what route to go, obviously looking for one with clutch/cambelt replaced recently will be a good place to start.

    Any suggestions, ?

    Cheers in advance

  2. quattrokid

    quattrokid Active Member

    Morning Jim ..

    I'm waiting to get back on the road my wife's ex S3 we had back in 2006/7 ! A chance sighting of it last December has resulted in it coming back to our ownership with ... 172k miles ( I thinks that's correct )!

    Don't be out off with mileage so long as the car of interest has a good regular service history and has had its maintainance schedule kept up to date, there is a nice noggy S3 currently on eBay for 3600 quid ( I don't know or have anything to do with the seller)

    Good luck with your search :)


  3. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    Hi Jim,

    A T reg S3 aigh- you must have had one of the first ones over here in that case!

    With the mileage comment....Your S3 was on about 115k 3 years ago.

    If a car is being used as a daily then taking the average mileage of a car of around 12k a year would equal about the 150,000 mile mark

    You have to remember that every S3 is now over 10 years old and so finding them under 100k usually means the seller would have increased the price which I doubt would fall within your budget.

    Rich - I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps an eye on the market....I know which Noggy you're on about on ebay and I also thought it was a really nice example :) (do not have anything to do with the seller lol)

  4. Jimcaws

    Jimcaws New Member

    Cheers chaps,

    Rich, in hindsight 140k doesn't look so bad now ! that's good going to come back to your old car a few years down the line...

    Chris, I hadn't thought of it that way. Yep i think when i had it we established on here that it was one of the first there was another forum member with a similar aged model however.

    What else could you expect to go at this sort of age other than what i have already stated ?

  5. s3mad_dude

    s3mad_dude Noggies ruuuule!

    To be honest at this age it's mainly niggles. I'm nearing 160k and it doesn't skip a beat but in the last year I've had to fix rear wiper squirter, door speaker, one if the boot micro switches etc. so if you don't mind doing that kind of stuff don't let a high mileage example put you off as long as it's running well.
  6. quattrokid

    quattrokid Active Member

    Hey Jim bob.... Just to put your mind at ease regarding mileage...

    I've now owned my UrS4 3 times now, first got it in 2001 I think with 124627 miles on it, took it past 200'000 miles, sold it yk fund repairs to my Ur quattro ( 153k miles) bought the S4 back 361 days later hahaha had it a few more years, turbo went bang quiet spectacularly @ 214k miles!! got it replaced ... sold the car because it needed gearbox work which I couldn't afford at that time so it went again !! then I got if back untouched a year or so later, now had its box changed and a few miles past 239600 miles now :)

    At the other end if the scale... My wife's imola S3 8L we got last January with 38493 miles , 1 previous owner and its full service all from the supplying dealer :)

    My Noggy has gone up from about 90k to about 170k miles since we last had it.

    The turbo failed because of oil starvation in the oil feed pipe SO I SUGGEST you get that checked at your mileage :)
    Turbo has been refurbed and waiting to go back in.

    ( Timing belt and filters & fluids all being done as well )

    So jump in yours and enjoy it, I'm sure its got plenty of life in it yet:) :)

    Things to check: haldex oil & filter has been done in the last 40k miles
    Sounds like front bushes are a common
    Timing belt
    Turbo intake pipe for splits
    Corrosion non hydraulic lines.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
  7. Wallm0nkey

    Wallm0nkey Member

    I got my S3 on 88k as it had full history etc seem to have had plenty of niggly issues appear in the 10k I've done since owning! Looking through its history it's got tonnes of receipts for work at audi for other little issues it's had. Going on my experience and reading the sort of mileages people have issues I think if the cars been owned by someone who cares about their cars it should have most of the silly stuff ironed out. I would happily buy higher mileage if it looked genuine and the test drive was good!

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