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Getting at conveince module?

qawsed Apr 20, 2010

  1. qawsed

    qawsed Member

    I have heard you can get to the module with passenger seat still in place and just pull the carpet back from glove box area.
    Is it really a case of pulling the carpet back OR is there fixings to remove OR the trim/seal around the door.

    Also is it possible to disconnect the module and remove then replace back? will this need reprogramming etc?

    I have had batt probs for ages now and no one can trace the intermitant drain.The module did get wet and audi told me it should dry out ok.I am having no elec prob at all,windows,alarm s locking etc. Just flat batt.

    So i would just like to see the module my self to see if it is green and damp still.
  2. swine

    swine Member

    ya i removed a little bit of trim from under glovebox area, along the door down towards the seat, there are a few clips as far as i remember, then you can pull the carpet back to get at the module. its a bit of a pig but doable. i know if you replace the module with a new one it your keys will need coding, not sure what happens if you remove and put the same one back.

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