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Getting an A5 help

drewbee Aug 23, 2010

  1. drewbee

    drewbee Member

    Hi A5 owners

    after selling selling my A4 Cab and been carless for a few months, ive decided to get an A5/ or BMW E90 Coupe.

    If i get the A5, what should i be looking out for? i had the 3.0 A4, and that was thirsty and todays petrol prices are so high that i think i will go for the 1.8 model or the 2.7 TDI. i would love to get an auto box but the prices are much higer than the manuals.

    can anyone give me as much info as possible regarding these engines and what spec shall i be looking at? ive noticed the ratio of 50:50 of cars fitted with sat nav, so chances of geting one with it its pretty good.

    went to view a 1.8 manual yesterday, 2008/08 18k miles, beight leather (half), in black with nav for £22k. does that sound like a good deal?

    also the car seems to be alot bigger than the beemer, how differcult is it to park?



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