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Getting an A3 - assistance needed.

willyo Nov 12, 2003

  1. willyo

    willyo New Member

    I'm pretty new to these forums but hopefully you could provide me with the answers I'm looking for.

    I've been a long time fan of the A3 but until work recently coughed up with a car allowance I haven't been able to come close to owning a half-decent one. One stipulation they have laid on me however is that it must be 5-door which rules out a few models including the S3 225 which I was REALLY hankering after !

    So my question to you guys is what are my options?

    I want a car with plenty of oooomph and preferably a quattro - diesel or petrol.
    Am I better off with the quattro or does the inevitable loss of bhp through the 4WD system make the driving experience too boring?
    Obviously it must be a 5-door.

    Over to you guys.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. 603ELO

    603ELO Member

    In any A3 quattro, S3 or TT quattro, you ARE driving a 2wd car!
    Bigger quattros have permenant 4wd that varies due to traction. With the the A3 system however you only get drive engaged to rear if you lose traction, otherwise there is zero drive to rear!
  3. Karcsi

    Karcsi Member

    The new TDI and FSI engines are restricted to the new A3, which is 3-dr only. 5-door and quattro versions will only appear in November 2004.

    As other's have said, your best bet is the 1.8 TQS with 180 horses. But it would have to be nearly new - I'm pretty certain the old A3 went out of production shortly after the new A3 came in in June.

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