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Genuine S3 Alloys

woohoo Jan 18, 2011

  1. woohoo

    woohoo Member

    Hi all

    Just gauging reaction here.

    I,m going to be selling the A3, gonna try and list privately and sell it as is or i will trade it in.

    If i trade it in then i will be looking to swap the S3 alloys for standard Sport alloys + cash, it has to be the latest Sport alloys from 2008/09 models onwards, in good condition and decent tyres, prob wont b for around 2 months before car is traded and would wait until then to give it fair shot of selling privately.

    The alloys are in good condition, 2 new tyres a couple of months ago and back still have around half their tread, there is a couple of light scuffs on the passenger side but nothing much at all, you have to look close to see it, i live in Scotland so would need to change over at the same time as i dont have spares.

    If anyone is interested in buying the car its a 2009 09 A3 Sportback 1.9tdie Sport, 1 owner from new, 15000mls, excellent condition, factory extras privacy glass, i pod connection, cruise control, black styling pack, it has the S3 genuine wheels, rear spoiler and tail pipes all genuine, looking for £15k

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