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Genuine OEM RS3 winter wheels and tyres

S3solar Oct 6, 2013

  1. S3solar

    S3solar New Member

    I have sold my RS3, so no longer need my winter alloy wheels and tyres.

    The alloys are genuine OEM Audi RS3 18” winter wheels [part no: 8P0 601 025 CT] and the tyres are Dunlop Wintersport 3D's 225/40 x 18. The package was purchased from Audi for nearly £3000, and the tyres all have 7mm+ of tread remaining across the whole width of the tyre, having covered only 3000 miles last winter. They are in really excellent condition with only a few very tiny marks, definitely no kerb marks or scores.

    The wheels are 8 x 18” ET50 which is the correct RS3 fittment (S3 and S-line wheels are 7½ x 18)

    Price £1050 with UK mainland delivery included. (Massive saving on what I paid)

  2. 45bvtc

    45bvtc Well-Known Member Supporter Team Daytona Gold Supporter Team Cornflower Blue Team Sahara Silver Audi RS3 Audi TT Audi A1

    I can't believe someone hasn't grabbed these for an RS3 as they make a massive difference to winter safety both in traction and braking.

    Why haven't I purchase them? Well I have given them some serious thought but I've already 19-inch rims with winter tyres for my RS3 and 17-inch rims with winter tyres for my TT - otherwise these would no longer be available.
  3. JonnyG

    JonnyG Active Member

    I'll have these please, if they're still for sale :icon_thumright:

    PM sent ... not sure if you can receive and send PMs though as you've only posted three times ?

    Whereabouts are you based ?
  4. pun

    pun New Member

    Are these still available?
  5. JonnyG

    JonnyG Active Member

    No I bought them !

    Good set of wheels and tyres .. used them over Winter.

    However PM me if you are interested in them !

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