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Genuine Audi Phone Cradle for Nokia 6300 Series Handsets

funkycat Feb 13, 2012

  1. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    Genuine Audi accessory, mobile phone cradle for Nokia 6300 Series handsets, compatible with Audi vehicles fitted with Audi Telephone Preparation.
    The cradle will fit all vehicles fitted with the Audi GSM mobile phone preparation - Low (9ZF), Generation 2 and Generation 3

    Audi Part Number : 8P0 051 435 HA

    A very neat solution for your mobile phone, it fits neatly into the centre armrest to provide power and connection to car external antenna, while connect via Bluetooth to the car’s phone system for a complete handsfree system. I’ve been using it the last 2 x B8 A4’s I’ve had, both fitted with Audi Mobile Phone Low, but have just switched to Blackberry, hence don’t require this cradle any longer.
    In excellent condition with original box and manual.

    £70 posted.

    Email me if interested : rjfunkycat@gmial.com

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