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Genuine Audi Parts WHERE FROM ?????

stevehsv868 Jul 10, 2007

  1. stevehsv868

    stevehsv868 Unofficial Audi UK Endurance Test Driver

    Does anyone have any links, for cheap genuine Audi parts ????????

    im looking to convert my 288mm TDI brakes to either

    312mm which is just carriers and discs, (simple cheap DIY option)

    345mm S3 Front set up, which is carriers calipers disca and pads.

    and help greatly appreciated

  2. d3fy

    d3fy Active Member

  3. Beddie

    Beddie Member

    Hiya mate,

    Here's a couple of part numbers which may be useful to you, obviously you would be best to double check with the dealer before ordering etc etc.. :icon_thumright:

    288 x 25mm Disc Setup
    Disc: 1K0 615 301T
    Carriers: 1K0 615 125 or /.......125-D
    Calipers: 1K0 615 123 or / ......124

    312 x 25mm Disc Setup
    Disc: 1K0 615 301AA [SIZE=+0]- [/SIZE]
    Carriers: 1K0 615 125-C
    Calipers: Not required if upgrading from 288mm

    345 x 30mm Disc Setup
    Disc: 1K0 615 301M
    Carriers: 1K0 615 125-B
    Calipers: 1K0 615 123-C or / ......124-C

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