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Gearbox's - can they handle the abuse

juice Sep 11, 2009

  1. juice

    juice New Member

    Guys, as the title says really

    how strong are the b5 gearboxes - in terms of tracking/launching
    anyone ever had any issues/replaced? are they notchy? or butterly smooth?

    someone told me the standard clutch and Gbox can handle 500hp and the gearboxes are like tanks. is this true? :confused:
  2. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Believe they're fine, as you say up to c550bhp.

    By that time though you'll have had to have changed the manifold and exhaust to a custom 3" job (£2k), and swapped the turbo's for a (probably), hybrid RS6 set (£3k) + either added additional SMIC's or a larger FMIC too (£1k).

    Relatively cheaply you can get 475bhp (like wot I did). Much more than this an you're talking as above a few grand more, so clutch and g/b aren't an issue until getting into big numbers...

    Just answered your post on RS246 (stumpy67) - have a chat with Doug at MRC - he'll fill you in on all the "juice"-y details. See what I did there ?!!


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