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Gearbox whine

B8fornow May 22, 2013

  1. B8fornow

    B8fornow New Member


    We have an A4 avant B8 2.0 TDI it's 2009 model year.

    It is currently in the workshop at the dealers as there are a few niggles with it although its got 12mnths approved used scheme warranty.

    One of the issues is a transmission whine, the technician said that this was normal for this model.

    Can anyone confirm this or otherwise??

    It seems really difficult to get into 1st and 2nd, likewise the technician suggested this is normal too......any body with similar experience??
  2. StuBill

    StuBill Supercharged Mofo Team Daytona Audi S4 Black Edition

    Not sure that it helps, but my 2010 2.0TDi quattro gearbox whines a bit, but then so did my 55 B7 A4 TDi from new to 170K.
    Yep, 1st and 2nd gears are quite notchy, especially when cold.
    Mine had a new clutch and flywheel (thankfully under warranty), and whilst sorting the clutch judder when hot, it makes no difference
    to the 1st and 2nd gear selection.
  3. B8fornow

    B8fornow New Member

    Thanks stubill.

    It's in having some drive train "wobble" under load checked out - possible that this is something to do with the DMF too I guess. We also get a little clutch judder when cold.....wonder if they will offer a replacement....

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