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Gearbox question

valentn Nov 17, 2011

  1. valentn

    valentn Member

    I trying to figure out if I need new oil or the syncro is a little worn. have read that a lot of Audi boxes are a little notchy, mine struggles to go into gear sometimes but if I double clutch all is well. On one of my previous cars changing the oil solved this problem, is it possible to do it on my car or is it seales for life? Its a 1.6 A3.

  2. macpdm

    macpdm Member

    I suspect a bit of a ***** without a ramp or a pit but from a maintenance point of view I would be interested to know more.
  3. Gops

    Gops Badger 5 Edition VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3

    I had my box rebuilt but I had a leak and it looks like its coming from the gearbox! Before it was nice and smooth but since it's lost abit of oil it seems abit notchy. I'm gonna go back to midland VW (which is where it was rebuilt) so Jodi can have a look at it.. It may be good to change the oil and see if it makes any difference? Either way keeps us posted!
  4. valentn

    valentn Member

    Its not too bad, compared to my Volvo there is space to easily access the two holes, will be doing this when funds come in :), hows your car going pal? Got round to changing that coolant yet? :)

    Im pretty sure a change helps out, and will report once done, found a guide just need to find time and money. Hope you get your leak sorted, mines done 150k o if it hasnt been changed its defo due. Box is silent though which should mean there isnt too much damage.

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