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Gearbox Noise 5th Gear

david_phillips95 Oct 22, 2009

  1. Thats my car dropped off at audi, this time its in for a whining noise when driving in 5th gear. As the gearbox was getting removed i decided i would buy a performance sachs clutch as it would be a five minute job to swap them over. So when i dropped the car off this morning i told the dealer that i had purchased a clutch and would it be possible for you to fit. His answer was NO....:ohmy: As it is not the clutch fitted as standard they will not fit it, even though the OEM clutch is manufactured by Sachs. I told them i will pay to have it fitted and will not hold them liable for any issues that could occur as a result of fitting and his answer was....NO. Quite annoyed about it tbh but there's nothing i can do.
    Anyone know the going rate for a clutch change?

    Here's some pictures of the uprated clutch:


    Cheers Davie

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