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Gearbox Issues

Bunnyboo Jun 22, 2011

  1. Bunnyboo

    Bunnyboo New Member

    Hi All,

    Sorry if im in the wrong place...I have an Audi 2007 A4 S-Line Avant 6 speed manaul and am having trouble with my gears.. Mine has a little over 67000 miles on the clock and about 3 months ago I noticed that when I changed gears 1st , 2nd and 3rd I could hear what I can only describe as a grinding/crunching sound. I have spoke to Audi Aylesbury but not very helpful as usual. I have been told it could be a change of gearbox oil might sort it or it could be the clutch plate or the sincro (not sure of correct spelling) between gears by differet mechanics. Again its going to a local garge to test drive tomorrow (22-6-11).My biggest problem is it doesnt happen all the time (90% of the time when driven) The car is fully serviced and just passed its MOT. Im not a hard driver. If anybody has had this issue with a manual gearbox or has come accross a solution I would very much appreciate any advice…
    Best Regards,
  2. si hoc

    si hoc Member

    mine crunches a bit when cold into second, audi teesside ( totally **** btw ) had a look drove it with me in and said that i was changing gear to quickly and said it was catching the baulk rings. probably not the answer but its what ive come to expect off teesside audi

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