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gearbox is nackered i think.

jamin Jun 18, 2012

  1. jamin

    jamin Member

    got home yesterday,went to shift into reverse to get onto the drive.gear lever got stuck in reverse.managed to get it free again but now only have 1st and 2nd gear no other gears at all and seems to be in gear when the gear stick is in neutral!!!

    i have been reading all the gearbox posts on here and think it is probably a broken selector fork or a broken rivet.but not 100% sure.

    its going to an independant garage this week for inspection,fingers crossed.

    any way i can tell for sure if its a broken gearbox without taking it off?

    i have tryed resetting the cables but its still the same.car moves ok with clutch down but cant move it with the clutch up.

    any ideas??

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