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Gearbox ecu software 7 plate update??

stone_uk Mar 5, 2010

  1. stone_uk

    stone_uk New Member

    Hi,just got my b6 3.0 multitronic back from a gearbox specialist (not Audi).Had the gearbox 7 plate upgrade done.
    They told me that they could'nt flash the gearbox ecu and that i may have to get Audi to do it or get stung with a new ecu which i can see happening tbh.But they said that it was running ok,I tested it and it seemed fine.

    Question i have is : 1. Is it likely to play up without the update done to ecu

    2. Can i get the ecu flashed to the correct update somewhere else if Audi refuse to do it.

    Any help would be really appreciated as i am fed up now being £2420 lighter and i've still not got any confidence in the car being right after a long ordeal with this.
    :crying: chears

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