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Gear selection problem

dope Dec 17, 2008

  1. dope

    dope alcoholic pervert


    I've a 53 plate 1.8T 190 Avant with a 6 speed box.

    Fifth has been getting increasingly hard to find and now wont select at all, third is going the same way and first and reverse are dodgy.

    Any pointers? Still under warranty but I would rather hear from anyone with experience up front.

  2. howdy quattro

    howdy quattro Member

    if its still under warranty mate, i'd run it into with the franchise and let them sort it out!! could just be worn linkages, but the more time it goes unresolved the more damage it could be causing to other components and then if you run out of warranty and end up with a half fluffed box then you could be getting your wallet emptied.

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