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gear change not smooth??confused??

AVUSSILVER Oct 12, 2007


    AVUSSILVER New Member

    Hi guys i need some advice ive had my s3 now for around 6 months and from day one i felt there was sumin wrong with it , when u change gear its like the revs are still holding and it will jump once changed gear , its hard to get a smooth gear change ,its like if you want to put your foot down for abit and then need to stop suddenly you'll just hear it rev up like my foot still there, ive had a new clutch put on it and ive read in other post that it could be the clutch sensor im changing that on the weekend ,,, what else could it be? i dont know what it is its just it doesnt feel like it pulls that much it might be cos im used to it now but not sure,,,, i used to own the 210 version now ive got the 225 version and to be honest i really dont think there's that much diffence,,, what else could be holding my car back its done 60k on the clock and just done major service,,,,

    let me know what you guys think


    Chris K
  2. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    I think this has been a fairly common problem with the revs rising. its been covered in the last few months i believe.

    I THINK its something to do with a little clutch sensor at the top of the clutch pedal, although im sure one of the S3 boys will be along to confirm this soon.

    as far as i know, its a very easy and cheap fix.
  3. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Well, its often questioned if there is a difference at all between the 210 and 225, some say the S3 was marketed as 210 at first to make the 225TT seem a better buy.

    Either way there is very little difference, both have similarly low torque in standard form, get a remap and itll totally transform the car!
  4. CHRISS3

    CHRISS3 Member

    yeh im hoping its the clutch switch ,,, it took me such a long time to find an avus silver one and now ive got it im thinking s**t this cars been thrashed cos my black one never used to rev up when changing gear so im Hoping its this sensor,,, would i be able to know when the maf sensor goes as this is another common problem
  5. dot32

    dot32 Member

    In regards to the above, I,ve got a problem where the car will not idle - the revs will drop so low that it will want to stall, so I have to keep my heel on the brake and toes on the accelerator just to stop it from stalling!
    I've tried to clean the MAF - this didn't remedy the problem, so at the moment I've unplugged the MAF and the car is fine. Hopefully, this will not cause any long term damage, but the car is going in the garage this weekend for that and numerous other faults so I'll let you know how I get on... fingers crossed!


  6. Meza

    Meza Member

    It sounds like you've had exactly the same two problems I had when I bought mine (@ 70k miles).

    The revs problem was solved with the clutch switch, about a tenner at main dealer.

    I thought mine would have been more powerful for 210bhp (coming from a 160bhp rover coupe). Used VAGCOM and some clever people on here to realise my MAF (mass air flow meter) was knackered. Replaced this and the car was transformed, like it had a rocket up the ****. This was £64, again at main dealer Audi Northampton (big plug... top service from them).

    You can just disconnect your MAF and take it for a spin to see if that changes anything. If the car feels quicker then chances are you need a new one. When I disconnected my knackered one the difference was massive.

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