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  1. starski4578

    starski4578 Member

    Well i got my 1.8TQ A3 chipped up to 207bhp to try and finally wipe the smile off my mate who drives a V reg 1.8T Gti which according to him is standard. I had my doubts as his should of been 150bhp as apposed to my standard 180bhp. From a standing start he would pull away from me. So i decided to have a race with him without telling him i'd had it chipped by using an excuse i'd had a new maf filter which i actually did have fitted as well! Anyway the chip is excellent from revo and its made a pleasent difference to the way the car responds. We ended up having the duals the third being the decider or it would of been had his gearbox not blown up or siezed mid race! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/yes.gif
    Now i am completely satisfied that his car is not running standard and he has accepted this. My question is does anyone know where he can get a gearbox from and roughly what price is he looking at?

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