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Gauging interest - Breaking GT2871R LCR.

Discussion in 'Classifieds Discussion Area' started by Dan1720v, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Dan1720v

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    [Jun 17, 2012]
    Gauging interest on the major bits and pieces of my LCR, All still running really well, but, I've seen a car I'd like and the only way to raise the cash is it in bits...So. Basics:Full BAM engine, Forged rods, New Sputter big end bearings, ARP Bolts - less than 6000 miles ago everything apart from the rods was GENUINE. Right down to exhaust gaskets/thermostat/water pump/cambelt kit. 137k on the block itself. £1000? (considering a BAM will fetch £800, and then you have the rods to buy and install etc.)Garret GT2871R Turbo with ATP Hotside to suit/bolt on to OEM K04 downpipe/manifold(works very well with the Relentless manifold) Hotside had the wastegate ported and an EGT boss welded in by Badger 5. 3000 miles on the unit. Comes with all oil and water lines. £90002M Gearbox £300Welly cooler setup with FORGE red top hoses and black lower hoses £250LCR wheels with Michelin Pilot sport 3's less than 1k on them £600KW V3 coilovers Less than 7000 miles on £850Compbrake solid top mounts £100 (£200 on ebay)Neuspeed 28mm RARB £120Relentless mani(had some welding on the collector welds) £125Siemens DEKA 630's £130Relentless downpipe with sports cat (little bit of 'modification' to clear the bulkhead with the 2871 setup) £150Non res Milltek £350Badger 5 tip in red (V2) £130Brembo setup with braided lines £400New genuine MAF (2k miles) £60Plus all the other little goodies they have, doors/bumpers/shell will all be avaliable, I will also do a discount on bulk items i.e full running conversion complete with Badger 5 mapped ECU, Keys and clocks. Postage not a problem, I work for a pallet firm so even the big stuff doesnt have to be collected.

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