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gap insurance

a4 cabrio Feb 19, 2011

  1. a4 cabrio

    a4 cabrio Member

    i have recently taken out a warranty with the aa for the car i recently bought, then the other day they called me up offering me a gap insurance policy, i have never had anyexperience of gap insurance so am looking for some advice, for example, if my car is written off or stolen and not recovered, and my insurance company pays out £7000, then the gap insurance will make up the difference to the full amount i paid for the car

    the cover is for 3 years at £9 a month

    just lookin for advice or to hear from anybody who has any experience with gap insurance
  2. jbcalvin

    jbcalvin Member

    Only really applicable if you bought a car brand new and on finance.... worked in car sales for years and would never recommend it on a used vehicle...
  3. jolly14

    jolly14 Member

    Be very careful and read the small print with these companies that offer an extended warranty ( especially the aa) i've recently cancelled mine because my rear wiper motor was leaking water from the internal pipe making it short out, they said it was'nt covered because it had water ingress go figure that one and that was after they said my convenience control module was'nt covered (£600) but they were very happy to take my £37 a month for nearly a year, so many people said to me dont bother just put the money in a jar for when you need it, guess what i do now.

    Hope you have better luck

  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    IMO this applies to most insurance policies, as the insurer takes your premium to make a profit!
  5. vorsprung dork

    vorsprung dork Member

    i find that any insurance company is only looking out for its own interests! any reason they find not to pay out they will find! my good friend had a vw passat that was stolen and not recoverd! he only had 1 set of keys! and they used this as as an excuse not to pay out saying that it was not not possible to steal said car without a set of keys! never recievied a penny for his car that was legitamitley stolen!
  6. jolly14

    jolly14 Member

    That sounds about right, its always the customer that gets shafted and all the insurance companies are saying they have to put premiums up because they are not making enough profit....................what a total load of bullsh1t.


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