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GAME.co.uk preorders

MartayMcFly Nov 13, 2012

  1. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    I know, I'm 26 and shouldn't be worried about playing a game, but I pre-ordered Black Ops 2 from Game under the specific implication that they'd have it delivered today. It was despatched 7/11/12, so should definitely be here by now. Is it? Of course not.

    Last time I pre-ordered a game through them, Gran Turismo 4, they cancelled the order 3 days before delivery because the card I placed the order with (and that had been updated about a year before hand) was expired before the date of delivery. No sh*t, they had over a year to apply my new card's details to the order, or to ask for new payment details. Did they? Of course not.

    When I called up angrily to ask why they'd cancelled my order days before it was due to be delivered (meaning even once they had the right details I wouldn't get it on time) and not on the date the card expired, or at any point in between the two, they said they can't keep track of every customer's details all the time - like there's someone with a wee note pad manually comparing the dates on a monitor somewhere. It'd take about 1/1000000th of a second to process the payment date vs card expiry date on every existing order online, or to send an email saying "your card details on our system have expired, please check all existing orders have up to date details".

    So now I'm stuck - I can't go to Tesco and just buy it because chances are they're sold out, and even if they're not I won't get the pre-order copy with the bonus map and XP codes. If I just buy the normal one, and my pre-order one shows up tomorrow, then I'd have to return the pre-order one and again not get the codes. I don't even really want the map, though the SP would be nice, but more than anything I'm just mad on principle; Game said they'd deliver it on time and they haven't.

    Last but not least, they kindly emailed me today to say my pre-order of GTA V has gone up in price but since I pre-ordered it the price I have to pay won't go up. I replied saying that I'd cancelled my existing 4 pre-orders, and will not be placing another order with them ever again. Britain is made up of something like 80% service industry, yet the standard of service in this country is absolutely abysmal. I'm still waiting for Sky to install a phone line in my new flat, despite the order being placed in June!

    And breathe...
  2. Westy_A3T

    Westy_A3T Member

    GAME are twats. I used to use them all the time and then my card changed. It went from solo to visa solo and visa solo wasn't an option on their site so i sent an email to them and the response i got was contact your bank. WTF has it got to do with my bank. Update your ****ing site.
  3. SamDoby

    SamDoby Member

    Have to say the few (rare) times i do order via game it does come on time! Infact I pre-ordered Forza Horizon and I think that came a day early!!
    Although that said a year before there was a mess up with Forza 4 and that annoyed me....
    If I am buying a game now its either in a store (tescos, asda are cheaper - Black Ops II Was a good £5 than game on release day) or amazon... much easier...

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