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Fuse keeps blowing

psychochild187 Jun 5, 2009

  1. psychochild187

    psychochild187 New Member

    car is a 1.8 t quattro on a t plate
    the story is ,.
    air con compressor bearing was shot and so was the tensioner
    replaced parts from a donnor compresor the magnet,clutch bearing part and clutch face all different slightly becacuse the other compressor had a different shaft lenght.
    same part number but the letter at the end was different

    the pipe from compressor was bend/scrapeed so this was replaced as the system was open and then because it was so hard to get off it took out the condenssor too
    i also replaced the filter air dryer 10 mins before the system was regased to the correct amount by my amazing local air con guy ( who owns 2 quattros himself mr klaus ward 07973252531) brighton ish area!!

    the problem is although we had it working fine when klaus regased it . and the morning after it blew the fuse to the blower
    called gsf and orderd a fan and replaced this . becaus eit was blowing the fuse with the engine off and the fan sounded lazy
    then it worked fine .
    next day after more use it blew again .
    now the thing i am hoping it is .. is the compressor clutch plate is of the wrong type and no 100% straight it does engage and does sit tight .
    but there are some gaps but not much
    i cleaned the faced up and bent it and played with it today to strighten it up to sit flat but its almost impossible and after 30 mins of it running on the car messing about with air con settings . pop! it blew again ..
    why can it work for a while then pop .

    should it not work or work . i just dont get why its lasting long enough for me to think its done and fixed and crack ! it blows another 30a fuse

    do i need to order a new clutch face that is straight 100% or look elsewhere for wirering etc?

    before i reduce the number of quattros in england and increase recycled steel in china
  2. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    Hi mate, not been on for a while.

    I would change the compressor plate anyway to get the right one.

    In terms of checking what circuit blows the fuse you would normally isolate each circuit in turn but that won't be easy if it takes a while for it to blow. Do you notice a dip in electrics when you initially turn ECON off?

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