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Fuse Box Repair Wire Pt. No. Wanted

Andy27168 Oct 23, 2013

  1. Andy27168

    Andy27168 Member

    I'm currently fitting front and rear footwell lights in my Cab, I am installing/wiring it the OEM way as in I'm wiring it to the relevant spare fuse in the fuse box, and running the other side of the lights to the Body control module in the passenger footwell.
    I have all the relevant repairs wires to wire the new loom(s) to the plugs of the seats and of the control module, but I am having difficulty identifying the correct repair wire for the fuse box, I need a repair wire with a crimp that clips in the spare way of one of the mini continental fuses in the fuse box.
    I bought one from my local Audi dealer, which we chose one through a process of elimination from the EPC, though the crimp looks like it may allow the fuse to fit it won,t clip into the fuse box.
    Has anybody got the correct pt. no. or can help in identifing the correct one for me?
    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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