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Funny Story

markwiggy Aug 20, 2007

  1. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    Thought I would share this little story with you all. I was in Church Stretton,Shropshire the other day with my other half sat outside by the car having a little lunch. Anyway one of the local sheep came over sniffing around for some titbits and even got on the blanket we were sat on, anyway it got a few bits and it then walked a few paces away and proceeded to have a dump, fine I hear you all say, next it walks around to the front of my sparkling sprint blue S3 and wipes it's **** on the front bumper. Couldn't believe it, I thought you cheeky little fooker anyway talk about laugh my wife is still giggling about it.
    Needless to say as soon as I got home out came the Megs quick detailer.

    :keule:Got some mint sauce for you !!! :gun2:

  2. daviscup

    daviscup Member

    Cheeky Baaaastard!!!!
  3. jasaudi

    jasaudi Member

    Look at it a different way, it was obviously a very discerning sheep who appreciates quality.

    Which would you prefer to wipe your backside with newspaper or Andrex
  4. edowen

    edowen Member

    Reminds me of a few years ago when we stayed with friends in South Wales. got up in the morning to find my car (206 GTi - we all make mistakes) had a metal gate wedged in the front grill. Took some time to realise that a sheep had tried to get through the bars in the gate, got it stuck round it's neck, and used my car to lever it off!
  5. s3mike

    s3mike Member

    I had a funny incident in Germany last year. We rented a car from Hertz and got a free upgrade to a 307CC which was nice in the sunshine. When renting I declined the optional damage waiver insurance meaning we were liable for 1000 Euros if any damage was done to the car.

    On the last day we visited a drive-through Safari park. We weren't really sure whether to drive through in the hire car in case of a Monkey attack, but despite the ticket seller warning us we went for it anyway.

    We managed to avoid the Monkey's as I waited at the entrance until there was a gap and drove straight through ( while watching the Honda CRX in front being systematically dismantled ! ).

    Then we entered the Lion enclosure! Lion's normally sleep and don't do much so I thought all would be fine..

    Then the male stood up and wandered over to the car :sadlike:

    I thought I had better not move and waited while the lion walked around of the front and started licking the car ( I thought it was eating the car at the time ! ) :crying::crying:

    Finally we left the enclosure and found a lot of Lion phlem on the headlight but luckily no lasting damage!
  6. edowen

    edowen Member

    Trying to eat the flies??

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