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Funny Story

normski Apr 17, 2007

  1. normski

    normski Member

    Totally unrelated to cars, but thought I would share it with you:

    Three days ago I brought two pet rats for my two young kids, they are a very clean creature, friendly etc. when trained and very intelligent.

    My wife (blame her) had rat proofed the kitchen so that the rats could have a run around, jump on us etc. as per the recommended taming with no fear of them hiding anywhere, biting cables, eating curtains or burying themselves inside the sofa.

    Anyway tonight at about half seven both rats, Flash and Bang (one was gonna be called S3 and the other TT originally - blame my 9yr old) were allowed out of their cage for a run about in the kitchen.

    After about half an hour Flash ran behind my back and disappeared, I was sat by the dishwasher at the time which had been open when the kitchen was checked for holes etc.. The dishwasher was now closed leaving a 1 inch gap in the skirting under the kitchen units and the little bitch had gone straight through it! :scared2:

    She kept poking her head out to take the ****, but the problem with rats is that they love playing hide and seek. Eventually I had to strip out all the skirting around the units, the fridge, the freezer, dishwasher, take out cupboard panels etc. and finally we found her two hours later 20 feet from the originally hole laughing at us. :p

    We tried to catch her and the little cow disappeared totally, so we had to strip any cupboards that hadn't been done already. My main fear was that she would chew through a water pipe, gas pipe or electric cable if we left her for the night, but we got to the stage where we had to give up. :lazy:

    Suddenly we heard a scratching, and she had managed to get behind the plaster board, climb along the inside of the walls to a slight gap where she was franticly trying to eat her way out through the wall. :scared2:

    So, as she seemed desperate and kept poking her nose out of a small gap to summon us, I got a bolster chisel and a mallet and chopped a hole in the wall for her. :idea:

    And guess what - she ****** off further into the wall and wouldn't come out. :wtf:

    I was ready to kill her and left the room and the Mrs eventually coaxed her out of the hole with some grapes (!).

    Took me two hours to screw the kitchen back together etc.:mad:

    Nout to do with cars sorry...

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