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Funny noises from my S3 (Wheel bearings?)

comdw Sep 18, 2003

  1. comdw

    comdw Member VCDS Map User

    I'm getting some interesting noises from my S3, which I'm hoping are just worn wheel bearings and not something more sinister (and only 6 weeks to go on my warranty!).

    At speeds above 50 its like a constant whirring (more like someone going "oooooooooo"!) noise.

    It becomes louder between 35 and 40 and more vibration in the noise especially when turning - its especially noticeable if I come right off the gas at 40 and allow the car to slow down.

    There also more of a rumbling noise at around 17-20mph (i.e. exactly half of the speeds above).

    Note that the noise remains the same even if I'm not in gear.

    So is it wheel bearings or anything else I should be more worried about??
  2. NWMark

    NWMark Member

    Its either that, the brakes (sticking caliper, or handbrake problem) try using the brakes/handbrake very slightly and see if it makes any difference or it could be a tyre!!

    although from your description it does sound like wheel bearings, try jacking the car up and check for any play in the wheel when gripped either side and 'rocked'.

  3. MarkyB

    MarkyB Member

    Prolly worth getting the offending wheel's balance checked before blaming the bearings. I had a similar problem with a buckled wheel on my old Cavalier that I eventually diagnosed by swapping it with the spare.

  4. comdw

    comdw Member VCDS Map User

    actually i've had the space saver wheel on the back left for a few days (not done many miles though) and the noise seems louder since - the proper wheel is back on now.

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