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Funny Idle and 15mph-30mph jerky

Pixelsharp Oct 1, 2010

  1. Pixelsharp

    Pixelsharp New Member

    Hi Guys and Girls

    I have a strange problem with my 54 reg A3 2.0 sline DSG, BKD. I have searched all the threads and forums and everything I have tried seems to fail and now I have spent over 3k trying to fix this problem. What the problem is when I start the car from hot or cold the rev counter sits at 830 then drops to under 800 then revs back up to 1k but this doesn’t happen all the time (especially when I have an audi tech sat next to me!) also when driving between 15mph – 30mph it judders like I am a bad driver in 3rd gear these two problems started about 3 months ago. I took it into audi and 6 other garages! And each have stuck it on the vag com and all came back with no faults! I did tell them it had been done 6 times before but it must be a standard charge and proves there are no faults @ £60 a time!

    I had problems with my MAF so I changed this (twice), I had 4 new glow plugs (Bosch) as number 4 in the early days was reporting a fault, I have replaced the throttle body as this was sticking and blowing the aircon fuse, I have a new EGR as it was blowing smoke now and again and jerky gear changes, I have had a new turbo hose, a new turbo, its been serviced 3 times (new air filters, oil and fuel filters) its been cata cleaned, injector cleaner ran through it, fuel pump, fuel can cleaned but still the problem persists. I nearly lost it and traded it in on a new focus st3 last weekend but as mine has every extra on it nothing comes close to how I feel about my a3! Can anyone help me or do I just cut my losses and trade it in against something else? As everybody i know is telling me to get shut! But I just cant bare to let her go without a fight!
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Injector wiring loom has been known to cause this problem. It does not show on Vagcom (VCDS)

    Not that expensive to replace I believe.
  3. SAiLO

    SAiLO Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Throttle body on TDI ?
  4. Pixelsharp

    Pixelsharp New Member

    Yes if thats what the part is called thats connected to the EGR
  5. tdi-man

    tdi-man Well-Known Member

    idle flap

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