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Full Sonic Frontiers designed system and Audi A3 8P install

Shane. Jul 8, 2011

  1. Shane.

    Shane. Member

    Right this is definite now, install is being stripped out in next few weeks. Would prefer to sell as job lot ideally, its alot of system and install for a fraction of the original costs but it needs to go really

    About the system then, this was designed and fitted by Sonic Frontiers, the build was designed to be OEM looking and very practical a rough breakdown of the cost I have incurred are as follows:
    -Sonic punch system £2200
    -Sub and cable upgrades £400
    -Bluetooth and ipod plug ins £200
    -Additional amp £550
    -Bootbuild £950
    -A Pillar builds £200
    -Door builds £650
    -Battery clamp and earth block £50

    Thinking something along lines of;
    Equipment minus headunit, ipod and bluetooth £1800
    Install consisting of door builds, A pillar builds and boot build designed for 3 door, Quattro. £200 plus standard door cards, A pillars (must be same as my originals) and boot floor foam inserts.

    This system is one hell of a system, I have a trophy for the initial install and it's been improved since then, I am going in a different direction with the car now so need this gone. I am open to sensible offers I have all the original boxes for the equipment aswell.

    Also still have:
    Audi A4 S line MFSW £100 (missing badge)
    Audi A3 indicator stalk £FOC



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