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full service

housey11 Sep 23, 2010

  1. housey11

    housey11 New Member

    Hi my 3.2 is due full service......any recommendations weither it should go to audi or independent garage.Any one dealt with bristol or taunton audi??? What work is actually carried out? any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. heeman10

    heeman10 Audi driver since Dec 08

    Most of my dealings have been with Taunton Audi. They've been good enough to be honest, but I won't be going back to an Audi dealer for any routine servicing now, the cost is just an insult to be honest, when I'm capable myself. The last time they worked on my car (cambelt and intercooler seals), just before I drove away I popped the bonnet, only to find a blue latex glove, full of oil, dangling from an aircon pipe just over my alternator. I was unimpressed, took it up with them, and opted to let them do my service at a greatly-reduced price. I know that "these things happen", but when paying £100 for one hour of labour, you would expect someone to spot what I spotted within a second of opening my own bonnet. Going round a corner, then wondering why my alternator packed in and I was suddenly driving on an oil slick would not have been fun. Yeovil Audi changed my two front tyres about a year ago, and scratched both wheels a few times in the process. I really can't be doing with it all!
  3. fforeggub

    fforeggub Member

    James Anstey the Service Manager at Bristol Audi is very good. Always worth going along, introducing yourself and see for yourself.
    Taunton haven't used since 2003 but not impressed then. Things change over time. Bristol used to be **** but since Mon Motors took over the Franchise their sales and service has been pretty good. Let's see what happens when the new place at Cribbs opens in 2011.

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