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Full RNS-E conversion

Sno Oct 27, 2008

  1. Sno

    Sno don't knock it til uv tried it

    hi guys,
    I know bits of this have been done to death but I need the answer to the full picture.

    Just bought my 06 plate RS4 (Saloon) with only the concert stereo.
    My last few cars (04 plate 18t 190bhp Avant, 55 plate S4 Avant, 08 Plate A6 2.0 TDI) all had RNS-E with Bluetooth and I miss it.

    My RS4 doesnt have the MFSW which doesnt bother me but to convert to the RNS-E I believe I require:
    RNS-E with antenna, Multi plug connector etc etc.
    Double DIN cage
    Different Climate controls
    Bluetooth conectivity kit

    Is there anywhere or anyone who could suply everything and do the full install?
    Obviously I know its going to cost, but could one of you guys possibly give me a rough price and person who would be able to help me out.

    Thanks lads, and sorry if its all been done b4.

  2. Marc1

    Marc1 Member


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