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Full/Interim Audi Service - What will be done? 2.0TDi BKD

Joe90k Jun 29, 2010

  1. Joe90k

    Joe90k Speed doesn't Kill!

    I am curious, what is the massive difference in the price between the two? I know that the Full service includes all filters as well as oil and the interim is only oil both including checks etc. But what is the extra £150? Is it labour for a couple of cheap filter changes?

    I am more than capable of changing any filters that need doing and indeed doing the oil change but to keep the service history Audi I want to know what I'm getting myself in for before I book the interim only to find the full service would have been the easier option in the first place, the only extra filters I can think of are pollen filter, fuel filter and perhaps brake fluid change?

    What are the cost's of the parts? or is it a kit? Also does anyone have any idea of the TPS cost of the oil and all related service parts?

    Trying to save paying Audi where I don't need here!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Joe90k

    Joe90k Speed doesn't Kill!

    Oh also if it makes any difference I am on Longlife servicing. I know the oil is different for a start.
  3. fazmin

    fazmin New Member

    if ur car is over three years old then all you get for £249 is:-

    Oil change
    Oil filter
    Pollen filter
    Fuel filter
    1 litre of screenwash
    Sump drain plug
    Brake checks
    Suspension checks
    Tyre check
    All lights
    All levels
    Electric diagnosis
  4. TDIb0y

    TDIb0y New Member

    When planning to get my car serviced in the near future, I've had the same query as asked in the original post.

    The fixed price servicing as per the Audi website shows a major service as twice the price of an interim service, with the only stated difference being a change of air and fuel filters. However, the owners manual suggests an air and fuel filter change is only required at 57k.

    As the same safety / inspection checks are included in an interim service as are part of a major service, the major service seems like pretty poor value for money. It would make more sense if it also included pollen filter replacement and brake fluid change, etc.

    Still, as part of the £150 interim service cost Audi do perform a check of the vehicle's horn, so at least it's not money for nothing.

  5. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    how can you keep the fash and be doing work yourself??
  6. TDIb0y

    TDIb0y New Member

    When the air and fuel filters are due for a change, you could just book an interim, get the stamp for an oil change and replace the additional filters yourself, saving £150 in the process.

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