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Full Audi Service History

IDUA3 Apr 18, 2007

  1. IDUA3

    IDUA3 In Audi Heaven

    Is it worth the extra money keeping it up or not?

    Recently bought an A3 1.8T Sport T Plate.
  2. simch

    simch Active Member

    I would suggest at that age, so long as you use oem parts and have it done by a reputable garage or specialist, it will be fine. SOme would say an older car gets BETTER care in the specialists, they tend to deal wiht more than your local audi dealer for example.
  3. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3

    At the price the stealers want i dont think its worth it, i recenlty had my belts changed at jabba, they did the aux belt, tensioners, water pump (changed to metal type) found that my dv was faulty and it all came to just under £400, they also showed me all the old parts. Audi wanted £600 for the cam belt and the water pump and i doubt they would have noticed the dv. I also found out that a stamp is worthless as the last stamp in my book audi had no record off, even though they keep there stamps under lock and key (so they told me).
  4. nickel101

    nickel101 Member

    i would say no, as pre posters said as long as the garage is reputable.

    The garage i use is very good, and only round the cornder from me, and they use OEM parts, and they showed me the difference on them.... there is none apart from Audi being stamped on it and they're a fraction of the cost of the audi stamped parts

    as long it had FSH it'll be ok, personally i would only use the audi garage is car was still in warranty.
  5. S3 NIK

    S3 NIK Member

    Bearing in mind its age i would think your money would be better spent at a specialist who will do exactly the same job, stamp your book and charge you less.
  6. monkeytrousers

    monkeytrousers Member

    Look at it this way: the money you save by using an independent will more than compensate for any reduction in resale value.

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