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Full Audi Service History - Worth Keeping Up?

hazey7 Feb 2, 2011

  1. hazey7

    hazey7 Member

    My A6 3.0TDI has been serviced by Audi from new (admittedly this is only twice) but have been quoted £500+ for the next major service. A reputable garage will service it using Audi parts for £300.

    I am not happy with Audi's services anyway, even at the 37,000 service they would not replace the air filter. According to them 3 years and 50K miles is OK on the original air filter.....

    If you were buying an Audi would you be put off by a 'mixed' service history? Would you really only buy an Audi with FULL Audi service history? Once out of warranty, whats the point?

    Would appreciate anyone's views on this before I make a decision that will provide a better service and save £200..... but may potentially cost me in the future.... worry worry :sadlike:
  2. crispin

    crispin Member

    their are lots of great other garages, i use mastertechs in mitcham, I don't think it makes any difference.
  3. Taroni

    Taroni Member

    As long as it got a full service history it would make no difference who done the work ,just because you take it to audi does not mean that you will not have better job done you just get ripped off for labour charges

    thats my view

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