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  1. imported_cudwuss

    imported_cudwuss Guest

    Anyone outhere getting less than 26.4mpg on a 2.0FSI SE? I am a little disspointed with my fuel consumption. I thought the FSI was an economical engine? I do about 8000 miles a year. Would a change to a 1.9tdi wee willy weasel make a difference to my pocket?
    Regards Cudwuss
  2. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    303 gallons of petrol per year as opposed to 166 gallons of diesel per year. That makes it 137 less gallons. That's roughly 600 litres x 84p/litre = £504.00. Call it a saving of roughly £450. Add to that the cheaper tax. Then compare insurance and servicing costs. But the biggest factor is the grin factor of the diesel. That low end torque still puts a smile on my face after 2 years.

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