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  1. HI all,

    Been having a problem with a strong smell of fuel when i open the drivers window of my S3. It tends to be only when the car is warm, usually get the smell when slowing down in traffic or stopped at lights.
    I have changed the fuel filter(as suggested on previous posts) and that seemed to make some difference, but the smell persists.
    The car has had a rear driver side quarter panel repair before i bought it. This smell seems to be coming from that side!

    I've checked the fuel supply and return lines but a cant see anything obvious! I know from past experience that a little fuel leak can smell like a huge gushing fountain so i may have missed something.

    Has anyone changed these lines before(see item 3 below)? Is it a major job? Does the tank need to be removed to access item 1,2 and 12?

    Any help is much needed!!!

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    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    It may be an idea to check that the fuel filter has been secured properly, the fitting has to be watertight or else a few drops may leak out which is enough to cause the fuel smell.
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