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Fuel Pump?

bengal Mar 11, 2011

  1. bengal

    bengal Member

    Hi all, my car doesn't feel as powerful as it was, there is slight hesitation when I pull off at junctions and it's really flat when going up hills so I have to change down where I didn't have to before. It's not a misfire, the MAF is only a week old, it doesn't feel like a bad MAF problem and there are no vac/boost leaks. I can still hear the turbo spool up although it seems to be quieter than before and it doesn't want to go it just makes the noise lol.

    I'm thinking the fuel pump is a possibility but the car starts fine and never cuts out, I change my fuel filter regularly so it's not a blocked filter, also I can't get vag com to work on my new laptop so I can't do logs but I can get vcds lite to work and there are no fault codes. Has anyone experienced this with a bad fuel pump before? I can honestly say that I can't think what else it could be as I have replaced all of the usual culprits in the time that I've had the car and the car hasn't been like this before with the other problems. The car is a 1998 1.8T AGU I think it's on the original pump at 160000 miles.

    Any help appreciated :icon_thumright:.

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